Rita’s Celfie!


Hometown: Crosby, Minnesota

Most Recent Workout: Level 3 Pilates Reformer Workout! Tough, but awesome!!

Best Fitness Tip You Have Been Given: Find something you enjoy doing in terms of exercise, and stick with it. If you hate it, you will eventually quit!

Go-To Healthy Snack: Raw almonds

Favorite Song On The Radio: “Animals” by Maroon 5

Celebrity Crush: It’s been John Travolta for too many years to count!

Favorite Barre Exercise: I love any kind of glute work at the barre! The harder the better.

Latest Obsession: Patterned lululemon leggings!

Three Things On Your Bucket List: Go to Europe (no, after all of these years, I have not been there!!), run one more marathon (I’ve run 5, and competed in 36 half marathons), and, last but not least, ski Mt. Whistler in British Columbia.

Your Favorite Motivational Quote: “Just DO it!” There is nothing like taking that first step toward what you have been putting off! If you decide to make it happen, it will!!

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Take A Look Around!

At the Pilates Barre Studio we proudly feature all Balanced Body Pilates Equipment and because the machines adjust so readily for height, size and strength, we can offer the best Pilates workout!  Did you know that Pilates equipment was originally fashioned from things out of a hospital?  That’s right; Joesph Pilates created his method while rehabilitating patients in WWII.  With technology today the equipment has been improved so it isn’t a 1 size fits all!

It is important for a Pilates Studio to have all of the Pilates equipment and at The Pilates Barre Studio we do!  At the Pilates Barre Studio we have reformers, tower units, ped-o-pull, cadillac, barrel, chairs, spine correctors, foam rollers, foot correctors, and orbits!!  So, there is no need to worry about finding variety in your workout routine!

At The Pilates Barre Studio we pride our self in having the best equipment, a beautiful space, and knowledgeable certified instructors!  tower units 2DSC_0456_Sheadrestpic1reganonfoamroller