Instructor Celfie!

Hometown: Waterloo, IL

Most Recent Workout: Pilates Style magazine- The Magic 8 (with the magic circle, yes I said MAGIC!)
Best Fitness Tip You Have Been Given: I used to be an all-or-nothing kind of exerciser. If I didn’t have time for a full hour, I’d skip it. But now I’ll squeeze in twenty minutes and I realize twenty minutes is better than zero!

Go-To Healthy Snack: I absolute LOVE my sunflower seed butter from Trader Joe’s with celery.
Favorite Song On The Radio: Left Hand Free by Alt-J

Celebrity Crush: Scott Avett

Favorite Pilates: Ferris Wheel on the Tower- It makes me feel like a trapeze artist!

Latest Obsession: Dry Brushing! Check it out here:

Three Things On Your Bucket List: Hot air balloon ride, skydiving, participating in the Peace Corps

Your Favorite Motivational Quote: “Don’t have a great day, make a great day” -Principal Settles of Waterloo Community School District




What’s your Perspective?

In most of my privates or classes I close with having the clients do a standing roll down.  When they come back to the standing position I tell them to close their eyes and take a second to be grateful for something.  So, I’m asking everyone that is reading this to do the same.  Take a deep breath…pause…and think about how truly blessed your life is.  It only takes a few seconds out of our busy schedules to reflect on something we are grateful for that can change our perspective for the rest of the day.

I’m guilty as anyone getting caught up in the things that at the end of the day aren’t important, but as I age I’m more conscious of that behavior and how truly blessed I am. I’ve been fortunate enough to open The Pilates Barre Studio which provided me a platform to raise money for different charities.  I’m excited to report that with the help of all our wonderful clients we were able to raise and donate over $6,000 for charities in 2014!  We raised money for childhood cancer research (CJ’s Journey), Susan G Komen, and the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)!

The cancer event we had this Spring in honor of Sam Merkel is one that I would like to reflect on.  Sam’s mother, Dawn Merkel, was my son’s nanny before having to abruptly leave us when Sam broke his leg over the 2013 Fourth of July weekend and was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Sam battled through a years worth of chemo, rang the bell at Children’s hospital and headed off to college this year.  A few semesters into college, Sam experienced a setback.  A few weeks ago Sam’s face went numb and he started experiencing headaches. Sam has just learned the cancer metastasized to his skull, and he and his family will have to start the daunting and emotional road of chemotherapy and radiation once again.

I ask everyone to please keep the Merkel family in your thoughts and prayers as they fight through this difficult time.  This is a good reminder to always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle!

“It’s your frame of mind that will frame your life.  What picture will you be framing?” – Amy Stuttle

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