Instructor Celfie!

Hometown: Waterloo, IL

Most Recent Workout: Pilates Style magazine- The Magic 8 (with the magic circle, yes I said MAGIC!)
Best Fitness Tip You Have Been Given: I used to be an all-or-nothing kind of exerciser. If I didn’t have time for a full hour, I’d skip it. But now I’ll squeeze in twenty minutes and I realize twenty minutes is better than zero!

Go-To Healthy Snack: I absolute LOVE my sunflower seed butter from Trader Joe’s with celery.
Favorite Song On The Radio: Left Hand Free by Alt-J

Celebrity Crush: Scott Avett

Favorite Pilates: Ferris Wheel on the Tower- It makes me feel like a trapeze artist!

Latest Obsession: Dry Brushing! Check it out here:

Three Things On Your Bucket List: Hot air balloon ride, skydiving, participating in the Peace Corps

Your Favorite Motivational Quote: “Don’t have a great day, make a great day” -Principal Settles of Waterloo Community School District




Rita’s Celfie!


Hometown: Crosby, Minnesota

Most Recent Workout: Level 3 Pilates Reformer Workout! Tough, but awesome!!

Best Fitness Tip You Have Been Given: Find something you enjoy doing in terms of exercise, and stick with it. If you hate it, you will eventually quit!

Go-To Healthy Snack: Raw almonds

Favorite Song On The Radio: “Animals” by Maroon 5

Celebrity Crush: It’s been John Travolta for too many years to count!

Favorite Barre Exercise: I love any kind of glute work at the barre! The harder the better.

Latest Obsession: Patterned lululemon leggings!

Three Things On Your Bucket List: Go to Europe (no, after all of these years, I have not been there!!), run one more marathon (I’ve run 5, and competed in 36 half marathons), and, last but not least, ski Mt. Whistler in British Columbia.

Your Favorite Motivational Quote: “Just DO it!” There is nothing like taking that first step toward what you have been putting off! If you decide to make it happen, it will!!

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